Vijoy Pandey, VP & CTO, Cloud & Distributed Systems, Cisco sits down with Stu Miniman at theCUBE Digital studios for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2020 – Virtual.

Vijoy Pandey, VP & CTO, Cloud, Cisco, sits down with Stu Miniman and Corey Quinn at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2019 in Barcelona, Spain

Vijoy Pandey, Vice President/CTO Cloud, Cisco sits down with Stu Miniman and Justin Warren at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2019 in San Diego, CA

Stting down with Scott Raynovich, Chief Technology Analyst, Futuriom; Amir Khan, President, CEO & Founder; and Galeal Zino, Founder & CEO, NetFoundry

ZK Research Founder and Principal Analyst Zeus Kerravala interviews Vijoy Pandey, VP of Engineering at Cisco. They discuss future projects, fullstack development, network engineering, and more! 

Learn how developers can accelerate their cloud journey with an application-first infrastructure. Snack Minute with Cisco's Vijoy Pandey, VP, Engineering, Emerging Technology & Incubation. 

Sitting down with Alan Shimel to talk about all things distributed  application development, and what Cisco is doing in this space to make lives easier for developers.

Sitting down with Brad Casemore at IDC, Amir Khan at Alkira, Steve Mullaney at Aviatrix and Oliver Cantor at Verizon for all things multi-cloud connectivity and security.

Vijoy says that the concept of 'consumability' as taken from the network operator's point-of-view is a key challenge. Standards take too long to emerge and are always too far behind the curve of what is a incredibly dynamic sector. 

Google has long been a pioneer in distributed computing and data processing. This talk walks through the evolution of Google’s SDN-based networking infrastructure

This talk builds the case for an automated intent driven software and hardware infrastructure as the enabler for the Cloud 3.0 vision.

This talk discussed the importance of Software Defined Networking on the Cloud 3.0, showing why SDN is critical and important for achieving server-less compute.

This talk will present concrete steps an IT vendor needs to take to create a portfolio of robust product offerings around ODP; how the Open Source community based innovation and continuous development processes impact such a roadmap, and what additional value and benefits such a commercial offering brings to the end-user customer.